About Us

Our ambition is to be the preferred choice of leadership development concept for coaches and consultants.

When our founder first started developing his leadership development programmes in 2004, he saw that there were plenty of quality consultants and coaches in Sweden and abroad. But, what many of them were missing was partly access to structured programmes without purchasing an expensive license, and the sense of a larger community. Everyone was responsible for their own development, and they had no one they could consider to be co-workers.

The first programme was developed to offer the coaches and consultants already in the business a community, structured programmes, and personal development and growth. A series of programmes followed, allowing the consultants to work with the same client for a longer period of time than one programme. And in different areas of their organisations.

Dimensions of Leadership (1.0) was the first programme to be written and was translated and used in a number of languages. The programme in change management was primarily used by Swedish international businesses.

After attending the International Positive Psychology Associations (IPPA) conference in June 2009, the first suite of programmes were validated in both scientific foundation and application. And the future foundation for our programmes was set.

More than 5000 executives have participated in our programmes and thousands more via seminars and workshops.

Working with well-known public companies and top scientists has built a reputation for innovative and impactful leadership programmes across all sectors of organisations, fostering new ideas, insights, and initiatives with a ‘big and future-oriented’ view of the world. And helping to deliver real progress for some of the best leaders and organisations in the world.