Effects Of Our Programmes









The most common effects of our programmes (based on self-assessments):

  • More tactical and strategic than before, used to be fully occupied with the operational
  • The clarity of the role has increased between 15-45%
  • The picture of what superiors expect has increased between 7-50%
  • The picture of what is expected of the own organization has increased between 12-66%
  • The goals for one’s own organization are more clearly linked to overall goals
  • The employees’ knowledge of the goals has increased
  • Employees’ image of what is expected of them has increased up to 47%
  • The personal relationship with everyone who reports to the participants in the programs has strengthened by up to 35%
  • Personal decision-making ability has increased up to 20%
  • The ability to delegate has increased between 8-29%
  • The ability to communicate has increased
  • Self-management among employees has increased up to 35%
  • Feedback on when you have done a good job has increased between 5-20%
  • The picture of what colleagues expect has increased by 3-27%
  • Personal satisfaction with the quality of what you achieve increased by up to 40%
  • Satisfaction with own work increased up to 37%
  • Insight into personal motivation has increased
  • The motivation that every day to go to work increased between 10 to 42%
  • Insight into what steals motivation in a day has increased
  • Insight into what gives personal job satisfaction has increased
  • Insight into what hinders job satisfaction has increased
  • Understanding of how to link one’s own job satisfaction to daily work has increased
  • Easier to link personal motivation to the goals to be achieved
  • Greater knowledge of what gives employees job satisfaction
  • Greater understanding of how to link employee motivation to the goals to be achieved

In addition, personal gains, mainly:

  • more time with the family
  • started exercising