Licensees (Leadership Trainers, Coaches, and Consultants)

We’re recruiting Licensees in all countries.

Without leaders, there is no future – And the quality of the leader determines the quality of the future.

Our programmes guarantee growth and evolvement.

Successful candidates:

We’re looking for you who want to develop leaders and staffs through modern material and training programmes, and who:

  • is future-oriented, and has personal experience of professional success
  • is business networking, you manage your own deals
  • wants to work for a strong concept that gives continuous growth and development
  • feels satisfaction in helping others to develop more of their potential, as individuals and in groups
  • has clear economic goals
  • has the ability to work on decision-making levels of organisations
  • wants new challenges and opportunities on a market of your own creation

If we are not currently active in your country or region, consider becoming a Master Licensee. Take a look at the posted information on what it entails or contact Mika Holmér.

We offer extensive support including:

  • a tried and tested sales process with experiences from many countries
  • proven programmes and educational material with many well-known organisations among its users
  • continuous counsel

For more information, contact:

Mika Holmér

+46 706 359 752